A Super-Calendar for Humans

Interval is a new calendar app to help you schedule and manage meetings more efficiently and understand how you're spending your time.

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Your Calendar, Redesigned

Time is by far the most precious resource you have in life, and your calendars both represent and define how you spend your time.
Interval was created and designed to help you manage how you spend your time as quickly and thoughtfully as possible:

Unified Invitations View

Easily see and respond to all of your inbound and outbound calendar invites in a single list.

All Your Calendars

Sync and view all of your Google Calendar accounts in one place. (Outlook coming too! Sorry calendars are hard lmao.)

Time Analytics

Easily see, understand, and make changes to what kinds of meetings and events you've spending (or wasting) your time in. Because eventually, we all run out of time.

Automatic Color Coding

Interval automatically color codes your different events and meetings so you can see how you're spending your time at a glance every time you check your Calendar.

Schedule anytime, anywhere

Trigger the Interval Command Line from anywhere on your desktop with Command+Shift+I and send out just about any type of invite in seconds.

Thanks to our autocomplete suggestions and keywords, you can find a time, add guests and locations, and even check your own calendar all without leaving your keyboard.

Stop playing calendar battleship

Bypass the whole song and dance of going back and forth trying to find a time without sending out a rude generic booking link that exclaims "my time is more important than your time."

With Interval, you can suggest times that you're available to send out with your invite itself that your recipient will receive in a friendly, personalized invitation email.

And don't worry, we'll still support booking links. ;)

Time isn't real. But this waitlist is.

Interval is currently in private alpha. We'll be opening up spots gradually as we continue to develop the product. Sign up now to get an invite!

Thanks for signing up! Feel free to follow us on twitter @IntervalHQ and maybe shoot out a DM if you want to be fast tracked ;)
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